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Newton Transportation is a full truckload, asset based, common carrier, based out of Irving, TX. Established in 2013, we strongly believes in core values and strives to bring that family operation feeling to each and every employee. Newton Transportation leans heavily on hauling products that require a temperature controlled environment, but also definitely accommodate dry goods also.

Making sure we have the latest and most efficient equipment is top priority for our customers, and for our drivers. This outlook ensures on-time pickup and delivery, while ensuring our driver’s quality of life. We want each and every driver to feel at home… like a member of our family. We strive to build that relationship with each driver, so they can represent Newton Transportation proudly to each and every customer.

Some of the companies we're proud to have hauled for are:

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Newton Transportation offers proven distribution and supply chain solution truckload services for local delivery and over the road trucking.

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Treating employees and clients as family is what makes Newton Transportation a great place to both work for and work with.

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Benefit from working for an established trucking company that treats employees like family and offers you the resources for success.

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